The Best Gardening Books & DVDs

Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the Spring and ends in the Fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with the dream. - Josephine Nuese

Are you new to gardening and looking for resources to get you started? Perhaps you’re a seasoned gardener looking for new ideas? Are you dreaming of how your property could look with some landscape design? Whatever your horticultural interest, the SD&G County Library has plenty of gardening books and DVDs for you!

We carry an array of gardening content for anyone interested in improving their outdoor space. Whether it’s a special project on what to make for your elaborate garden or a how-to on planting seeds, our collection has it all! Gardens are becoming an extension of the home; an outdoor living space that everyone can enjoy. While flipping through our great collection, you’re sure to find something for your green thumb!