World Book Online

Online Learning for All Ages

World Book Online is a portal to one of the most comprehensive and authoritative online encyclopedic resource centres for students, educators, and families. Use your library card to login and select the database of your choice.

Early World of Learning: For preschoolers and children in the early elementary grades.
Kids: For students in elementary school that includes easy-to-read articles, interactive games, and teacher resources.
Student: For students in middle school that includes articles, a Biography Centre, dictionary, atlas, and more.
Advanced: For high school students and older, offering advanced reference tools.
Timelines: Covers timelines across that various periods in history and span the lives of historical public figures.
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos: Spanish-language resources designed for elementary students.
L'Encyclopédie découverte: Offre des activités pratiques qui aideront les jeunes élèves à s'intéresser à la recherche.