Library of Things

What Is the Library of Things?

From learning to play an instrument or borrowing a unique piece of equipment, the ‘Library of Things’ will give Library members the opportunity to try new activities without a financial investment.

What Do We Offer?

The items listed below can be requested from our online catalogue and sent to your library branch of choice for pickup (no Library Express Depots, however). These items can be returned to any branch during open hours only.

Acoustic Guitars (3 week loan period)
Borrow a guitar and take online music lessons with your library card! The SDG Library currently has six acoustic guitars in inventory. The loan includes; adult size six string acoustic guitar, chord book, tuner, strap and care-guide. All six acoustic guitars have been generously donated by Bill McGimpsey of The Co-Operators.
Black guitar laying on floor Guitar care guide and guitar items on the floor

Ukuleles (3 week loan)
The loan includes: ukulele, tuner, chord dictionary, and strap.
ukulele on the floor

Keyboards (3 week loan period)
The loan includes; full size electronic keyboard, with music stand and power adapter.
Keyboard in case

Mobile Internet Hotspots (10 day loan period)
Borrow one of our Mobile Internet Hotspots and gain access to unlimited LTE internet on the go. We have thirty Hotspots system-wide.
Mobile internet hotspot

Zumba Gold Exercise Kit (3 week loan period)
Jumpstart better health by borrowing the Zumba Gold workout program. 
Zumba exercise kit

EM130 Energy Meter ​(3 week loan period)

EM130 is an energy meter that allows you to measure the amount of electricity used by an appliance. It enables you to enter the electricity price per Kilowatt Hour (KWh) to calculate the cost of an appliance's power consumption, and to monitor the electricity usage

Energy meter to measure electricity

We are working on expanding our Library of Things. We gratefully accept financial donations and items to help develop our collection.
Be sure to visit often to see what is new!