Museum Passes

Museum Passes During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted businesses and organizations in many different ways. Due to these unique circumstances, some of our museum partners are offering free access to their sites (no pass required) and some are unable to offer their library passes this year. All of our partners look forward to working together with us again in 2021! 

Due to COVID-19, museums have had to change what a visit looks like. Before visiting, please make sure to check the museum website or call ahead to understand what to expect during your visit and their current hours of operation.

Participating Museums (2020 Season)

Glengarry Pioneer Museum - Dunvegan
Sign outside of Glengarry Pioneer Museum

Free Public Access (2020 Season)

Canadian Museum of History - Ottawa         Canadian War Museum - Ottawa     
Free for summer 2020                                      Free for summer 2020                         

Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa                                     Canadian War Museum in Ottawa               

National Gallery of Canada - Ottawa
Free to 25,000 visitors

 National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa

Closed for the Season

Historic SDG Jail - Cornwall                     Museum of Nature - Ottawa
SDG Jail logo                             Museum of Nature in Ottawa

Any museums/parks not listed may be open for the season, but are unable to participate in the library pass program this year due to the impacts of COVID-19. We know this was a difficult decision for our partners and understand the challenges they face - we're all in this together! We will continue to update our information as we can.