Read for 15 SDG Challenge 2022

Media Release


‘Read for 15 SDG’ Challenge

January 27, 2022

The SDG Library is thrilled to once again put on our ‘Read for 15 SDG’ Challenge on January 27, 2022. This year marks the fourth edition of this annual initiative in support of Family Literacy Day. The 2022 theme for Family Literacy Day is Learning in the Great Outdoors. Whole families can participate individually or together in order to build on their literacy skills and promote awareness surrounding a love of reading. Participants can read anything of their choosing, whether that be the newspaper, a magazine, a book, a graphic novel, even eBooks and eAudiobooks count!

“We’re very pleased to start the new year with our ‘Read for 15’ campaign,” said Jenna Lamarche, District Supervisor. “We’ve always had such a positive response to this initiative, and we hope to achieve great results again this year. ‘Read for 15’ is an easy way to promote literacy in our communities and it’s open to all residents of SDG, regardless of whether or not they’re members of the Library.”

Interested? You can easily participate by:

  • Reading whatever you would like on January 27.
  • Let us know what you read! Use the hashtag #ReadFor15SDG on social media; alternatively, you can email the SDG Library at
  • Spreading the word! Challenge your networks to participate as well.
  • Checking out the ‘Read for 15’ webpage on our website to access several resources the Library has put together, including a Learning in the Great Outdoors booklist