Science Literacy Week

Science Literacy Week

This September celebrate Science Literacy Week!

What is Science Literacy Week?
Founded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (phew, what a title!), Science Literacy week was created to highlight all the diverse aspects of science and how it affects our everyday lives. This yearly event showcases ways families can enjoy, explore, and share exciting stories about the discoveries and ingenuity that shape us and everything around us.  It’s a time to celebrate being curious, so ask questions and seek answers!

M is for Mathematics
This year’s theme is M for Mathematics.  While math may not be everyone's favourite subject, it does a whole lot. Not only is mathematics a type of universal language, but math is also responsible for this very paragraph being written! It is thanks to mathematics that we can create computers and programs, including the ones we use to write on our website.  

Let’s not stop there though. Mathematical applications are so wide and varied; we can use mathematics to calculate the trajectories of space shuttles, and we can also use it to bake cookies. As you go about your day, try thinking about all the ways math affects you. Did you need to pay for something today? What technologies are you currently using? Are you shuffling food around in your fridge to make room for groceries? Or have you folded laundry this morning? Without thinking you are using math: arithmetic, geometry, probability, etc. 

How the SDG Library is Celebrating:
The SDG Library is celebrating Science Literacy Week this month and we’re inviting you to join us. From Monday September 19th to Sunday September 25th, check out our YouTube page for daily activities that you can do as a family. We encourage you to follow along and show off any of your creations, or share with us what you’ve learned, by posting to our Facebook page or tagging us in Instagram with #SciLitSDGLibrary2022. Let’s spread the spirit of science and discovery all throughout SDG together. 
Together, let’s discover math in all its incredibly diverse forms!

For more information visit the Science Literacy Week website: