Strategic Plan 2022-2026

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SDG Library -- Strategic Plan 2022-2026

by Karen Franklin, Director of Library Services

Strategic planning is a process for making informed decisions that shape and guide the essence of what an organization is, what it does for whom, and what it could and should be in the future. The SDG Library’s former Strategic Plan, written in 2018, was the compilation of (solely) internal efforts by the (2015-2018) Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Library Board, and by the Library’s staff who worked and lived in communities served by the SDG Library at that time.

Beginning in early 2022, the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Library Board sought consultative input from Laridae Communications from Peterborough, who led the strategic planning process over the following six months, starting with a review of SDG Library’s history, strategy, finance and operations, to help staff to produce an Environmental Scan. Laridae then led a series of stakeholder and focus group meetings, along with key informant interviews, and an online survey to learn about respondents’ ideas and concerns; key to this part of the process was to respect the diversity of the community.

Then, in April, the Library Board, senior staff and consultants from Laridae met at two Board (development) “retreat” meetings, during which the Board was guided through a series of discussions, from which consensus on strategic directions for the Library were formed; Laridae’s role was to facilitate decision-making by the Board, and to ensure that all relevant information and viewpoints were included in the process. An interesting outcome from this activity was the desire for the Board to refine the Library’s “Mission” and “Vision”, and to establish Value statements; this involved the Board attending an additional development workshop in May, with facilitated discussions to ensure all Board members’ participation in the development of the new Mission, Vision and Values (MVV).

A thorough review of a subsequent draft Strategic Plan document – prepared by Laridae – was undertaken at the Board’s regular meeting in June, and any changes sent to Laridae for revision. Finally, at its September 8, 2022 regular meeting, the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Library Board approved its new Strategic Plan, 2022-2026.

Briefly, the new Plan outlines the following Strategic Directions –

1.  Grow Our Physical and Digital Infrastructure, including

  • Digital collection
  • Print collection
  • Community hub
  • Facility improvements
  • Accessibility

2.  Conduct Community Outreach, with

  • Messaging
  • Outreach
  • Community engagement

3.  Strengthen Our Organization, by

  • Conducting an organizational review and implementing the resulting strategies  
  • [Ensuring that the SDG Library is a] Great place to work
  • Monitoring and [gathering] feedback from staff
  • [Prioritizing] Professional development and succession

Additionally, the Strategic Plan, 2022-2026 establishes the SDG Library’s

Strategic Foundations –

Mission – to connect communities through innovative services, literacy resources, independent learning, creative expression, leisure, and civic engagement.

Vision – to be “The Place” in SDG for learners, seekers, and explorers.

Values –

  • Accessible: We strive to continually identify and reduce barriers to service and be responsive to the diverse needs of residents of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, or levels of socioeconomic status.
  • Equitable: We seek to provide an inclusive, non-judgmental environment in which everyone in the community feels safe, welcome, and comfortable, by focusing on building trusting, supportive connections.
  • Open: We commit to being honest and authentic in all our interactions, listening intently and supporting the development of genuine connections

For marketing and public engagement purposes, the SDG Library will retain the tagline:

“Connect. Create. Explore.”