Purchase Suggestion

Suggest an Item for Purchase

We want to build a diverse and balanced collection to serve all of SDG. If you’re interested in a title that’s not in the SDG Library catalogue, you can suggest a purchase and we’ll consider your request.

Please note: Only SDG Library patrons can make suggestions for the purchase of new library materials. 

You can request up to three items per month through our online catalogue. Suggestions are evaluated according to our Collection Development Policy - PDF.

  1. Before making your suggestion, check our catalogue to make sure we don't already carry the item.
  2. Log into your library account (a valid library card and PIN are required).
  3. Go to My Library Dashboard and click Submit a Suggestion to make a new suggestion (a valid library card and PIN are required).
  4. Track the progress of your suggestion within your account in the Suggested Purchases page (note: you must be logged in to view this page).

New Titles

The library is adding new materials on a regular basis.  Check out Just Arrived titles and On Order titles to see the latest additions to the collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I be added to the holds queue once my suggested item is purchased?

The Suggest an Item feature and the holds queues in BiblioCommons do not allow us to automatically place customer holds when a suggested item is purchased. There are also many suggestions for the same item, and it would be very time-consuming for library staff to place holds for patrons on items that are purchased.

Why did the SDG Library deny my request for a popular title?

Please do not request future releases by popular authors (e.g., John Grisham, Louise Penny, Nora Roberts). SDG Library will already be purchasing these titles for the collection. If we already have books by these popular authors, you can assume that we will order the next ones.

For movies, we will already be purchasing blockbuster films to add to our collections. You do not need to submit a Suggest an Item for these titles. Please remember that a film's theatrical release date is different from the DVD release date.

Films that are shown at festivals can take anywhere between 1 to 5 years before they are released on DVD for SDG Library to purchase. 

Why was my Blu-ray request denied?

If  we already own a DVD copy of a title, we will not purchase a Blu-ray copy. SDG Library prioritizes DVD purchases for movies and television series as they are more cost-efficient and more widely playable on various devices. DVDs serve a greater portion of the community.

Blu-rays are acquired on an as-needed basis (e.g., the title is only released on Blu-ray, or the DVD version is out of print).

Why did SDG Library deny my request for a title in a specific format?

The SDG Library will try to source titles in various formats, but some titles are not available in specific formats (e.g. DVD, large print, audiobook CD). As streaming services become more prevalent, some popular titles are never released on disc.

Even if some titles appear to be available online for purchase, there are other restrictions that may apply. For example, some DVDs and Blu-rays only allow playback in certain regions of the world.

Why can't SDG Library get DVDs for a Netflix series?

Content from specific publishers such as Netflix, Audible and Amazon Prime are not available for libraries. Other publishers, such as Tor, have embargoes that prevent libraries from purchasing copies of new releases. To learn more, visit https://www.econtentforlibraries.org/

Do I need to include an ISBN in my Suggest an Item request?

While ISBNs are not a required field, including an ISBN will help the Collections Librarians determine the specific title that you are requesting. ISBNs are 13 digits and start with 978, and are typically found on the back cover. You can also find them on publishers' and booksellers' websites.

Need a Library Card?

SDG Library Card with "Connect"Library memberships are available free of charge to all residents and students of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (excluding Cornwall). To become a member, simply present your proof of address and photo identification at any of our full service library branches in the Counties. Children and teens under the age of 16 require the permission of their parent/guardian. Membership cards expire annually and can be renewed upon payment of any outstanding late fees.

To apply online or renew an existing membership complete our  Online Application form.

Download our juvenile application form and bring a printed copy to your local library branch.