Queen & Country

The Eisner Award-winning Spy Thriller Series

Readers are introduced to the thrilling and often-times devastating world of international espionage as SIS field agent Tara Chase is sent all over the world in service to her Queen & Country. All the while, Director of Operations Paul Crocker walks a narrow tightrope between his loyalty to his people and the political masters that must be served!

Queen & Country

Why Read It?

Queen & Country, written by esteemed novelist and comic book writer Greg Rucka, was heavily influenced by the British television series The Sandbaggers. Rucka has written comics for the major publishers with characters like Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Daredevil on his resume, but his talent really shines in Queen & Country with characters he created himself.

What makes Queen & Country such an enjoyable read is the interactions between the field agents and Paul Crocker, their Director of Operations. Crocker is caught between the often conflicting stances of protecting and supporting his field agents who are constantly in harm's way, and being compliant with the demands of his superiors and the politicians. Both sides view him with a degree of skepticism, and neither party truly knows the extent of his behind-the-scenes negotiations to make things right. These interactions sprinkled throughout thrilling espionage missions make for an entertaining read that's well-suited for adults and older teens who enjoy spy novels and films. These definitive editions of Queen & Country compile mostly self-contained stories featuring different artists that can be read in any order, so simply click on the cover images below to place your requests.