Southern Bastards

Southern-fried Crime

Earl Tubb is an angry old man with a big ol' stick. Coach Euless Boss has buried more bodies under his bleachers than there are championship rings on his fingers. And they're just two of the kind of bastards that have always seemed to flourish in Craw County, Alabama. When Earl comes home after 40 years, he finds some family business that still needs settlin' and Coach Boss is at the center of it all.

Southern Bastards

Why Read It?

Southern Bastards has so far won two presitigous Eisner Awards: Best New Series in 2015 and Best Continuing Series in 2016. Author Jason Aaron has described as both a love letter and a hate rant to the American South, so it's not quite a single-faceted caricature of the region and its people. Aaron and illustrator Jason Latour both grew up in the south, and are well-poised for writing on the subject matter. In an interview just prior to its debut, Aaron remarked "I don't think I really could have done this book with anybody else. It's important that Southern Bastards is done by two Southern bastards." It's both a condemnation of negative stereotypes and a celebration of Southern values, all packaged within a gripping crime story with meaningful characters that push the story along at a perfect pace.

If an action series that intelligently and sympathetically captures the complexities of America's deep south sounds appealing, definitely check out Southern Bastards by clicking the cover images below and placing your requests. There have not been many graphic novels that represent the south in this way, but the graphic novel medium is perfect for crime stories, so be sure to check out those titles listed below as well.