Library Board

Who We Are

The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County Library Board is made up of 3 citizens and 4 County Councillors.
Library Board members are appointed by County Council for a four-year term and serve without remuneration.
The Board is responsible for policy development.

Board Members

Margaret MacDonald
Lyle Warden, Deputy Mayor of South Glengarry
David Smith, Deputy Mayor of South Stormont
Francois Landry, Deputy Mayor of North Stormont
Dr. James Algire
Tony Fraser, Mayor of North Dundas
Alex MacIsaac

Public Communications Protocols

The SD&G County Library Board welcomes comments from the public.

To ensure prompt and effective communication, please note:

  1. Library Board members do not deal with the operations side of the organization. Concerns about such things as services, collections, branches, etc. are better directed to the Director of Library Services who can provide a timelier and complete report.
  2. Those wishing to make a presentation to the Board may do so by sending a letter to the Director of Library Services, who acts as the Secretary to the Board, outlining the topic to be discussed and the names of those making the presentation. This letter must be received a full seven days prior to the regular meeting. The Board may on a majority vote allow the person to address it. Ten minutes is allocated for the presentation including time for clarifying questions from the Board. The Board will then receive the report for information and no debate/discussion takes place.
  3. Letters to the Library Board are to be sent in care of the Director of Library Services, 26 Pitt St., Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 3P2
  4. All items, including requests for presentations, to be added to the Board’s agenda are subject to the approval of the Board Chair.