Library of Things

What is the Library of Things?

From learning to play an instrument to borrowing a unique piece of equipment, the Library of Things gives Library members the opportunity to try new activities without a financial investment.

The items listed below can be requested from our online catalogue and sent to your library branch of choice for pickup (no Library Express Depots, however). These items can be returned to any branch during open hours only.

Music and musical intruments

All musical instruments are available for a 3-week loan period.

Mobile internet hotspots

Borrow one of thirty Mobile Internet Hotspots and gain access to unlimited LTE internet on the go. Enjoy a 10-day loan period.

Activities and games

Try something new (or old) and enjoy! All activities and games have a 3-week loan period.

Household help

Homework Helpers

Looking for school support? Let our Homework Helpers Curriculum Kits assist you with your child’s development. Curated to reflect elementary grade subject matters outlined in the Ontario curriculum, our Homework Helpers Kits are designed to supplement your child’s school experience.

Each kit provides educational support in the form of fun, informative activities and learning exercises that encourage and challenge children to develop their skills in a wide variety of subjects. Available for grades 1-6, kits are composed of print and visual elements, including textbooks, games, and worksheets. Activities combine grades that span an age range to accommodate different styles of learning and different reading/comprehension levels. Kits also include reading recommendations and rating cards to help you rate your child’s experience.

Whether you’re a parent or teacher, Homework Helpers is a supplemental resource to assist you and your child in the classroom or at home. Kits will help children exercise their minds, hearts, and bodies. From social sciences to the arts, an exciting and educational adventure awaits in every kit!

The Library of Things FAQ

  • The mobile hotspots have a loan period of 10 days. After 3 days of being overdue, the mobile hotspot will be disconnected and a reconnection fee of $25 will be placed on a patron's account. This charge will be in addition to the $1 per day late fee.

  • The majority of SDG Library of Things items have a borrowing period of 21 days, however there are some exceptions due to popularity (Mobile internet Hotspots have a loan period of 10 days). For more information, on the item you are looking to borrow, please view the description of the item in the catalogue, or ask Branch staff.

  • No. Due to limited space and nature of the items, Library of Things items must be picked up and returned in person to one of our fifteen SDG Library Branches.

  • If a patron borrows an item with multiple pieces, all pieces must be present at time of return. If a patron does not return with all the pieces, then they cannot return the item. The patron will need to wait to return the item until all components are together.


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