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About our visiting library services

The SDG Library offers visiting library services for patrons who are either temporarily or permanently homebound due to disability or illness and have no other means of obtaining library materials. Our staff can select material to match your reading interests, and arrange for delivery to your residence.

Contact your local branch to set up home delivery arrangements or complete the Visiting Library Service Form.

How it works

Library materials are selected by library staff each month based on your reading interests. Selected materials (up to 10 items) are signed out to your library account. Library staff or a volunteer will then deliver the items to your home. At the same time, the volunteer will pick up your previous month’s bag of materials to be returned to the library.

What you can borrow

We can arrange for you to receive books, audiobooks, DVDs, and magazines each month. Since there is an extended borrowing period, we cannot always send the most recent items or most popular titles.

Where we deliver

We can only deliver to addresses within SDG.

Seasonal and temporary service

We also offer seasonal service for those homebound only during the winter months and temporary service (minimum of 6 weeks) to assist those who are recovering from accidents or surgery, as well as new or expectant parents who are otherwise unable to access the library.

Options other than home delivery

For those who want more flexibility than our volunteer-run program can provide, we can arrange to send items to any library location and you can designate a friend, family member, or caregiver to pick up on your behalf whenever is convenient.

Additionally, for those unable to visit the library we offer digital services including eBooks and eAudiobooks, digital magazines and newpapers, streaming movies and TV shows as well as online learning.  For more information on these services check out our Digital Library

We also offer virtual programs which can accessed through our Events page.


The Visiting Library Service is made possible by the dedicated work of library staff and volunteers who make deliveries and ensure homebound individuals continue to have access to library materials. Would you like to help others in community? Apply to be a volunteer for our Visiting Library Service.

Volunteer at SDG LibraryVolunteer at SDG

Looking to give back to your community, volunteer at SDG!
Looking to give back to your community, volunteer at SDG!
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