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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You may want to try the following steps, which should work anytime cloudLibrary titles, or the cloudLibrary app isn't working properly on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). The steps for android devices would be similar.

    1.) Make sure all your apps are completely closed. Even though they may look closed, they are not completely closed unless you follow the steps below:

    For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Devices with iOS 7 and higher:

    • Double-click the Home button and to see a list of open apps ('Recent list').
    • Swipe each one (except your desktop) up and off the screen -- this closes all your apps.
    • Press the Home button to exit your 'Recent List'.
    • Open the cloudLibrary app and try to log in. If you can log in, then look on your bookshelf. If you are still having trouble, then continue to step 2...

    2.) Restart your device:

    • Hold down the Power button until the 'Slide to power off' slider appears.
    • Power your device off for a minute or two.
    • Power back up by holding down the Power button until your screen lights up.

    3.) Check Wi-Fi - tap Settings on your iPad and make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you are not, tap Wi-Fi and then select a network.  Test to make sure you are connected by tapping this URL:  or open your Safari web browser and type it in.

    4.) Open the cloudLibrary app on your iOS device, log in and tap My Books.

    5.) If the problem persists, please check your App Store, and run anything found under "Updates" for the cloudLibrary app. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!

    6.) If no updates to cloudLibrary are found, check to see if your iPad/iPhone software is up to date by going into go into your device "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update".

    7.) Try again to get your books downloaded and if the problem persists, go into your device Settings > ibooks > and turn off "sync collections".

    If the problem still persists, delete the cloudLIbrary app and reinstall it from the App Store.

    If that still does not fix the issue, please “Contact Us” through our website (Information Services Coordinator) and answer the following questions:

    A.) Have you successfully used the cloudLibrary app on your iPad/iPhone before now or is this your first try at installing the app and downloading cloudLibrary books?

    B.) What version number of the cloudLibrary app do you have? This can be found by opening the app, going to the “Account” tab, and tapping "About", then look for the numbers just below the red, cloudLibrary.  It should look something like this: Version Date 2023-10-19,

    C.) What version number of iOS do you have?  To find your iOS version number, tap "Settings > "General" > "Software Update".  It should look something like this: iOS 17.1.1

    For a printable version of these troubleshooting tips click here.

  • We currently have three 3D printers: two Ultimaker 2+ printers and one Ultimaker 3. Our printers are currently located at the following branches, but it's best to check with your branch of choice first before visiting to ensure the printer is there and in working order:



  • Library memberships are available free of charge to all residents and students of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (excluding Cornwall). To become a member, simply present your proof of address and photo identification at any of our full service library branches in the Counties. Children and teens under the age of 16 require the permission of their parent/guardian. Membership cards expire annually and can be renewed upon payment of any outstanding late fees.

    Fill out our online form or visit any of our branches in person.

  • Interlibrary Loan is a service through which the SDG Library patrons can borrow materials not available at our library from other libraries in the province to meet the information needs of the community. 

  • We can work with a number of 3D object file types, but we prefer .STL files.

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