Interlibrary Loan

What are Interlibrary Loans?

As part of a special agreement, you can access the collections of over 175 public libraries in Ontario, public and academic libraries across the country, the Ontario Archives, and Library and Archives Canada. This agreement is called "Interlibrary Loan Ontario" or ILLO for short.

ILLOs are facilitated by a shared network, called INFO, a partnership between the participating public libraries and the Ontario Library Service with support from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

  • Interlibrary Loan is a service through which the SDG Library patrons can borrow materials not available at our library from other libraries in the province to meet the information needs of the community. 

  • If you contact your local library, branch staff can let you know if you have already been registered for an Interlibrary loan account or you can fill in the Interlibrary Loan Registration form.  If you have received a new library card you will have to set up a new Interlibrary loan account.

  • Using the patron interface to INFO Ontario’s interlibrary loan network, library patrons can place their own Interlibrary Loan requests anytime from anywhere.  You will need to register  for this service and once registered you will be provided with a user ID and password.  

    Please see the User Guide to learn how to place your own requests for interlibrary loan items.

  • On average it takes 1-2 weeks for requests that meet Interlibrary loan guidelines to arrive.  But some requests can take 3-6 weeks.  If you are concerned with the length of time it is taking please speak to library staff.  

  • When Interlibrary Loans are received through Canada Post at our Administrative office, the items are processed, and their physical condition is reviewed and noted on a Damage Note Slip. Should an Interlibrary loan item become damaged during the loaning period, the patron is responsible for the replacement cost, provided by the Lending Library. These costs are not determined by SDG Library. Please notify staff of your damaged Interlibrary loan and they will follow up with Interlibrary Loans services and will contact you regarding replacement costs.

How to request an Interlibrary Loan

Patrons require a special registered account to access Interlibrary Loan services through the INFO database.  Should you require an account, please fill in the form below to request one. Enter the required information and a Library staff will email you with your access information; please allow two business days to complete the request. Or you can contact your local library branch and ask staff to create an Interlibrary loan account.

Ask Library StaffAsk Library Staff

Have a question? Need assistance? Our library staff are here to help you.
Have a question? Need assistance? Our library staff are here to help you.

Access the Interlibrary Loan portal

Please read the terms of use before accessing INFO:

  • Do not request titles that we already own. Always search and use our own catalogue first.
  • A maximum of three (3) simultaneous ILLO requests are permitted at a time.
  • Requested items must be two (2) years or older. For newer titles please use the suggestion for purchase form.
  • No DVDs, audiobooks or CELA discs may be requested.
  • No Digital titles (ebooks and eaudiobooks) may be requested.
  • Other format restrictions may be imposed.
  • Only request titles that include an ISBN in their records.

If you agree to these terms of use please click the INFO link below to login to your account and begin your search.

Interlibrary Loan Registration Form

If you do not have an inter-library loan account already please fill in the form below.  If you are not sure please speak to branch staff.

Interlibrary Loan Registration (New Accounts Only)

This is a separate account from you SDG Library account. If you don't have an interlibrary loan account please fill out the form below. If you are unsure you can fill in the form or contact branch staff for confirmation.

"*" indicates required fields

Title must have been published more than 2 years ago. Future requests can be submitted directly through the Interlibrary portal.
Any additional Information (format, additional title, etc.)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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