A Special Holiday Gift Idea: Book Edition

Are you looking for a unique gift for the children on your Christmas list? I have a suggestion for you!

Last year, we gifted our grandchildren a book with their names in the title/story. It wasn't a special order. It just took a bit of searching. They were very excited to read a story with their "name" in the book. For example, David received one of David Shannon's many titles, "David Gets in Trouble," and Vera received "Vera Gets Sick," one of many titles by Vera Rosenberry. Benny received "Benny and the Pets" by Juliet Sullivan, and Nora received "Noisy Nora" by Rosemary Wells. I thought of this idea as I was doing an inventory of our Branch's juvenile picture books, and I came across a few of these books and thought this would be a special gift. So, take a look at your SDG Library local branch and see what ideas you can come up with because, after all, books are gifts you can open again and again!