All Aboard the Potty Train!

If you had asked me this time last year what I would be writing blogs about at work, let's just say potty training would not be top of that list. And yet, here I am writing my first blog for our new website about the trials and tribulations of potty training.

Okay, so I can't really say that we're facing trials or tribulations in our house. Our two year-old very much decided she was potty training herself, which if I'm being honest is the way she has approached every milestone. Toddler bed? Totally her decision. Feeding her self? That's been in her hands since she turned six months old. I'm not sure what I did to get so lucky with her, but I'm soaking it all in!

The only thing I knew when it came to potty training was that I did not want to place her, screaming, on the toilet. So in the build up we read potty training books. A lot of potty training books. We saw animals go, babies go and even dinosaurs go... Did you know that James Patterson authored a guide to toileting for tots? Well now you do! And the books about breaking free from diapers aren't just targeted at your little ones, there's guides for you too. I'll provide just a few of the titles, but this list was a life saver for helping me approach potty training and hopefully it can help you and your little one out too.

Potty Training

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Picture Books, board books, parenting books and DVDs all about potty training.

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And if your toddler leaves you feeling like you are in desperate need of adult socialization... fear not- the Library is happy to come to the rescue. We provide a wide array programs just for adults, so check out our Events section, call up a baby sitter and enjoy a break from all that potty talk!