BookFace: Merge Photography Fun!

When I received Talking as Fast as I Can at the circulation desk, I instantly had a huge smile on my face. It's a wonderfully written biography about Lauren Graham's experiences working on the set of the show Gilmore Girls; but it's the cover art that caught my attention first - I saw only half of Lauren Graham's face and it was the perfect book for a quirky 'bookface' picture'. 

I picked up on the #bookface trend in 2021 when it was on its second wave of popularity on social media. Since then, I get a little giddy when I see half a face on the cover art of a new book that I come across at the SDG Library branches, knowing I’ll likely be taking silly selfies trying to complete the rest of the picture with my face.

I've found that creating bookface photos with the help of a partner can make taking the perfect photo much easier because they can get the depth perception of the camera, along with the book angles, just right to snap a seamless picture. Create your own bookface photograph by using your body or an object to continue an image on the book cover art that gets cut-off. Pose in the correct angle and catch the moment with your phone’s camera. Voila #bookface! 

Check out our list with some brief book posing suggestions if you want to try creating your own bookface photos: