Celebrate Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada. Let’s take time  to acknowledge and reflect on the rich histories and many different cultures of Asian-Canadians and their contributions to our province and country.

Here are some ways to celebrate Asian Heritage Month and perhaps try something new:

  1. Discover art from an Asian artist. Check out the National Gallery of Canada pass and visit the Jan Azuma exhibit.
  2. Cook something new. Here are a few cookbooks to check out. From Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino to Chinese and more, there are so many unique and delicious options.
  3. Get crafty. For the perfect calming activity that’s all-age-friendly, try origami. You can find a few titles here or check out this website that provides a beginner’s guide to get your started with options for more advanced projects.
  4. Watch a movie produced by an Asian creator or set in Asia. Here is a list of titles in our catalogue. It there’s a movie that you’d like to watch that we don’t have please consider submitting a purchase suggestion.
  5. Read a book by an Asian author or set in Asia. Here is a list of some adult fiction titles.
    Celebrate Asian Heritage Month - Adult Fiction

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