Crochet Book Blanket

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my new bookish project with all of you in the hopes that it will help me stay on track and accountable, and maybe offer inspiration to other folks. It's the start of the new year, and I'm diving into something that really speaks to me - a book blanket!

Now, you might have heard about temperature blankets or mood blankets, but this year I wanted to make something that truly reflects my love for books, and my new obsession with crochet (I taught myself last year). So, I landed on the idea of a book blanket. What's a book blanket, you ask? Well, it's a blanket where each colour represents a different genre that I've read. Every time I finish a book, I'll crochet rows with colours that match its genre. Not only that, but I'll also incorporate different stitches to represent the format of the book and whether it's a library book or not.

Since my goal is to "shop my craft stash" this year, I decided to dig out another crochet project that had been sidelined for a while, and repurpose those colours. I'm confident that they will work perfectly for this new project.

To make things simpler, I won't technically be differentiating between Young Adult (Y/A) and Adult genres, though I might just add a marking at the beginning of each row to signify Y/A. And to give each month a special finishing touch, I'll add a white stripe after every month's worth of rows.

The number of rows for each book will depend on its length. If it's under 200 pages, it'll be two rows, whereas books over 201 pages will get four rows. I'm using a 5.5mm hook and medium-weight yarn for this project.

I'm really excited about this book blanket journey and I can't wait to see how it turns out in the end. Thanks for being a part of this adventure with me and keeping me accountable along the way! I'll check in with you soon. Happy reading!

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