Oh The Places The Library Will Go!

This summer, your beloved library staff are breaking free from the confines of the shelves and hitting the streets to bring the magic of the SDG Library to your communities. 

From local fairs to Meet Me on Main events to schools, our intrepid staff are venturing out armed with Makerkits, Library resources and a whole lot of enthusiasm. So, what can you expect when you encounter these ambassadors of literature and knowledge?

First things first, let's talk about the amazing team behind these events. These aren't your average library staff—they're like literary superheroes, armed with smiles and ready to unleash the power of the library's services. Need a book recommendation? They've got you covered. Curious about the library's digital resources? They'll show you the way. No question is too big or too small for these book-loving wizards!

Imagine being able to test out selection of maker kits right in the heart of your neighborhood fair. Whether you're interested in robotics, crafting, or coding, there's a kit for every curious mind. But wait, there's more! Our library of things is like a treasure trove of items waiting to be discovered. From musical instruments to telescopes, from board games to museum passes, there's something for everyone in our collection. No library card? No problem! Our friendly staff will sign you up on the spot.

Speaking of library cards, we are on a mission to ensure that everyone in the SDG Counties has access to the wonders of their local library. Whether you're a lifelong book lover or a curious newcomer, they'll guide you through the quick and easy process of signing up for your very own library card, unlocking a world of possibilities right at your fingertips.

Perhaps the most exciting part of all is the opportunity to connect with our community in a whole new way. Whether we're sparking curiosity in young minds in schools or sharing stories and laughs at a local yard sale, there's nothing quite like seeing the joy on people's faces as they discover all that the library has to offer.

So, keep an eye out for our roaming staff as they make their way through the Counties, bringing the magic of the library to a street corner near you. Who knows what adventures await when the library comes to you?

We will see you at*: 

South Stormont

Aug 30 - Stormont County Fair, Newington

North Stormont

June 1 - Touch-a-Truck, Crysler

South Dundas

June 12 - Beach Day, Morrisburg

North Dundas

June 1 - Art On The Waterfront, Chesterville

August 9 - Winchester Dairyfest

South Glengarry

August 9-11 - Williamstown Fair

North Glengarry

June 22- Maxville Fair

*more events to be added