Ruth’s Special Collection

One of the rewards of working in a library is getting to know your community in a tangible way. Patrons of all ages come through our doors and we connect over books and a shared love of all things library. Our patrons’ joys and sorrows become our own and on the days we hear of a patron passing, we grieve.

Last December I answered the phone to a familiar voice. Ruth Fetterly, a beloved patron for many years, one we had provided with large print books for the last 20 of those years, and a reader of thousands upon thousands of books, called to say goodbye. We had just recently heard she had not been doing well. The books ordered for her were not being picked up. Returns were made. We knew she had celebrated her 100th birthday but wasn’t able to do the one thing she loved the most, reading. Having her say thank you for all we do at the library was both humbling and heartwarming.

We will miss Ruth and her staunch support and enthusiastic encouragement of the library. She was a beautiful person who touched may lives. In her death, she continued to share her love of reading with others as financial donations were collected on her behalf for the SDG Library Morrisburg Branch. Stacey P., on staff in technical services but who had selected books for Ruth for many years when working in Morrisburg, chose eight beautiful hardcover large print books to Ruth’s tastes. These books are housed in Morrisburg and those who knew Ruth, even for just a short while, will be pleased to see her name recognized on the bookplates of the front covers.

Goodbye Ruth, we will remember you!

Ruth's Special Collection

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Last December we said goodbye to a beloved library patron. Ruth, aged 100 was an avid lifelong reader and enthusiastic library supporter. In memoriam, friends and family donated to the library. Here are the books purchased in her honour.

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