When You Just Need to Escape

During my childhood years, my bedroom was in the attic. I had to climb a steep set of handmade stairs, and then lift a heavy trap door. Once inside, I would unpack the treasure of books that I had brought home from the library, carefully choosing which story I would allow myself to get lost in. In my attic, the outside world became distant to me, and from the safety of a book, I would escape the everyday and enter the wonderful world of my imagination.

The pages of the books came to life and through them I would journey to far off places, battle fierce mystical creatures, and develop camaraderie with the heroic characters I met along the way. I only returned to reality when forced to by one of my siblings relaying mom’s message that I had chores to do, or dinner was ready. Reluctantly, I would close my book and whisper to those now trapped inside the pages that I would return to them as soon as possible.

As an adult, I no longer have my attic space, but I do still have the wonder of fantasy books to escape to when the world feels heavy, or I need a break from the everyday tasks that need doing. Reading still holds the power to transport me to other worlds. For me, escapism through books is a powerful tool that allows me to unwind and completely immerse myself into someone else’s story. Just like my childhood self, I still imagine the settings, hear the characters’ voices, and experience their journeys like I am right alongside of them. This is the magic of escapism through books. The only difference now, is no one can tell me when it is time to close the pages.

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When You Just Need To Escape | SDG Library | BiblioCommons