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Great Courses on DVD and CD

Have you ever wanted to take a course on the Middle Ages? Or improve your understanding of scientific concepts that have changed and developed over the years? Or would you rather learn new cooking techniques through the guidance of a world-class chef? The Library offers professional, highly-rated lectures and tutorials on a variety of topics to be viewed at your own pace in DVD or audiobook format. The courses range from the academic to the practical, and are designed to be accessible to life-long learners of all types, as well as to older teens and post-secondary students.

The available titles are listed below, and can be requested for pickup at your nearest Library branch simply by clicking the cover images and then Place Request. All Great Courses DVDs and audiobooks are loaned out for three weeks so you can learn at your own pace. Only two DVDs and two audiobooks may be borrowed at a time.

Great Courses from Kanopy

For lifelong learning, stream a wide selection of lectures presented by award-winning experts and professors from respected institutions.

Select up to 2 courses per 30 days. Once selected, each Great Course series can be accessed for 30 days. Up to 2 courses may be active at any time. A Kanopy account is required to view videos.

Videos viewed through The Great Courses are not counted as part of the monthly 8 "play credit" limit in the main Kanopy site.

Great Courses from Kanopy


Kanopy is an online video streaming service providing on-demand access to movies, documentaries, independent films, and educational videos.
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