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Kanopy is an online video streaming service providing on-demand access to movies, documentaries, independent films, and educational videos.

Kanopy FAQs

  • This error occurs when your library card number has already been added to a different Kanopy account. You will be given a hint as to what email address the account is using in the error message. To resolve, log out of the account that you are currently signed into. Then, log in using the email address that was provided in the error message. Once you have logged in using the appropriate email address, you will be able to proceed with watching films on Kanopy. If the email address displayed does not belong to you and you suspect someone may be using your library card number, please contact Kanopy at support@kanopy.com.

  • This message displays if the library card number that has been entered does not exist at the library. Please double check that the library card number that was entered is correct, and that you are entering it for the correct library.

  • You can access Kanopy from various internet connections. Kanopy’s video player incorporates an auto-bandwidth technology which tells them the strength of your internet connection on an ongoing basis after you press play on a film. Kanopy encodes every film into over 20 different quality levels so that they can optimize your viewing experience - if you have strong internet connection, they will deliver a high-quality video stream (in HD or otherwise); if you have a poor internet connection, they will deliver you the video in the best quality that be handled by your internet to minimize and avoid buffering. If you have a low-speed connection, you may receive a lower quality video file to ensure that you can view the program with no interruptions

  • No, Kanopy films can only be streamed online. SDG Library is pleased to be able to offer a wide selection of TV Series and movies on DVD and BluRay for patrons to borrow.

  • Titles you are watching, or have watched, will be kept in your "Viewing History." You can also keep track of titles to watch at a later date by clicking on +My List. You can access the +My List option by either hovering over the title, or clicking on the title, either way will work. Titles are then added to your Watchlist. You can see your saved titles by clicking on your username at the top of the page.

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