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Get access to everything that the library has to offer! Free for all residents of SDG.
Get access to everything that the library has to offer! Free for all residents of SDG.

Latest News & Announcements

Latest News & Announcements

Odd Beasts: Weird Family Favourites

Read all about our new family favourite: Odd Beasts!

Behind the Scenes of Interlibrary Loans

Ever wonder how we manage to find almost anything you ask for? Check out Behind the Scenes of Interlibrary Loans, and discover how!
Food for Fines

Food+ for Fines to return from Nov. 20 to Dec. 4

Nov 14, 2023
Want to clear out those library fines while supporting others in need? The Food+ for Fines campaign will return from Nov. 20 to Dec. 4.

Staff Recommendations

Staff Recommended

Graphic Novels Go Camping!

Whether you're around the campfire, camping out in the backyard or just staying cozy in a blanket fort, check out these graphic novels.

Murder Mysteries through the ages

Oh no! someone is dead. Who? What? Where? How? Those are the questions plaguing readers everywhere.

Honouring Truth and Reconciliation

In this list of both fiction and non-fiction pieces are stories centered around truth and reconcilliation

Villains Re-imagined!

Discover all new ways to love and hate this list of perfectly wicked villains in these YA fractured fairytales.

Library of ThingsLibrary of Things

Borrow unique items including musical instruments and technology to learn new skills.


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L'espace Radio-Canada enfants

L'espace Radio-Canada enfants

Votre bibliothèque et Radio-Canada collaborent pour vous offrir ce portail qui permet de découvrir contenu pour enfants.


The Fictional Frontier: A Guide to Modern Sci-Fi

A list of modern science fiction smashes and hidden gems just waiting for you to set your destination and engage.


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills.

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