Discover Our New Board Game Collection

Board games are now available to be borrowed by patrons who have an SDG Library card. Borrow up to two (2) games at a time, for up to fourteen (14) days. When done, simply return the board game, in-person, to your local Library branch.

Research has shown that board games offer a variety of benefits, including:

· Bringing people closer together, strengthening relationships, and allowing you to meet new people.

· Increases brain function by stimulating the area of the brain that is responsible for memory formation, and cognitive skill.

· Teaching you how to set goals and be patient while formulating a winning strategy.

· Reducing stress and promoting laughter while surrounded by friends and family.

· Enhancing creativity and self-confidence.

Our new collection features games for all ages and skill levels. Become a storyteller in a game of Disney Dixit, get your letter into Princess Annette’s hands in a game of Love Letter, or bluff your way into power in a game of Coup.

So, ditch your phone, tablet, computer and tv screens for a revolutionary way to connect, create, and explore with one of SDG Library’s newest board games. Come visit our catalogue to explore new ways of having fun with friends and family!