Navigating your Library’s new website

Welcome to the SDG Library's new website! Learn more and explore the website’s new features to get the most out of your experience.

Search the catalogue

Looking for a new read? A new audiobook? We have you covered! To search the Library’s catalogue, navigate to the top right search bar and input your search terms.

If you’re not sure what you want to read,  watch, or listen to, our “Explore” tab can hopefully put you on the right track. The “New & Popular” category lists exciting bestselling and award-winning titles. Alternatively, our format section splits content into groups, such as books and movies. There are content lists and blogs within these pages, where staff recommend what content to consume next based on specific subjects.

The audience section allows you to narrow down your search by audience. For example, the “Teens” page lists content for teens to borrow, events specific to that age group, and staff lists that apply to teens.

Lastly, our special collections section exists to help you borrow items outside of the traditional novel, such as items from the Library of Things, Book club Kits, and Museum Passes.

Branch-specific information

A perk of the new website is the ability to more easily receive branch-specific information.

To discover programs happening at a specific branch location, navigate to the events tab and choose your local branch(es) under the location filter. From there, narrow down the list with filters such as “Kids” or “Book Clubs.”

To check your branch hours, or to see which branch is closest to you, click “Hours & Locations” on the top bar. From here, you can input your postal code or choose "see all locations" to browse through the list of branches.

Access online resources

To access online resources such as cloudLibrary and Kanopy, navigate to the “Digital Library” tab. Here, there will be a list of resources for you to explore.

Book an appointment with the MakerLab

Under the MakerLab tab, you will find in-depth information about equipment available for library patron use, such as 3D Printers and Cricuts. Check out this page to get crafty!


If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page or get in contact with us.