Odd Beasts: Weird Family Favourites

Kids love beasts. Kids love odd. So it only seems natural that kids would love Odd Beasts. My little and I were drawn to this title by the overly large eyes of a bush baby staring out at us from a display at the Alexandria Branch- and she was sold! How many times did we read it during the 3 week loan period? I'm not entirely sure, but I do know she enjoyed looking at each strange animal for a long period of time. Long enough I got to drink my coffee hot.

Designed for young readers aged 2-4; Odd Beasts boasts bold, vibrant and accurate illustrations of some of nature's weirdest looking animals. The pictures invite conversations beyond your child simply naming the animal, after all it's hard to identify the long-horned orb-weaver spider as a spider even after seeing the real image. Each animal is presented alongside one simple fact, but the language used is rich and vocabulary building. What's a pangolin? What's armour? Those are real questions from my 2 year old. And if one fact isn't enough to satisfy your curious little bug, the author included photographs of the actual animal at the end of the book with supplementary information. As a result, this book extends its age range as we can address questions and more complex information about animals.

It's a book that you can read over and over again without you or your little one getting bored. And if you're looking for more of the same, these titles might keep the budding zoologist in your home occupied with similar bold illustrations and rich language.

Odd Beasts

these books feature bold illustrations, cute animals, rich vocabulary building language and sometimes a little bit of odd.

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